Welcome to our new website for the community courses for the BeauSandVer Consortium in St Albans ( Beaumont, Sandringham and Verulam Schools).  We have been providing a wide variety of after-school and evening courses over the last twelve years for children, parents, family members, teachers, and anyone in the wider community.

We would love to hear from teachers who would be interested in teaching community courses.


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New courses starting in Autumn 2018 include

Our success stories include

Over 200 people enrolling for language classes each September, choosing from 18 different classes

Nearly 60 people singing in our choir regularly and raising money for charity at our annual concert and carol singing events

Members of our creative writing group publishing their novels and seeing their plays performed

Adult learners gaining English and Maths Functional Skills qualifications leading them on to further education and increased employability


Great courses

Expert Instructors

Lots of enjoyment

Always wanted to learn French?

We run several french classes at all levels, lead by expert linguists. Brush up on your french or master it today.
“Thanks to this class I felt very comfortable speaking the language on a recent visit to Paris”


French Continuers Student
Claire’s a super teacher … The lessons are well organised, interesting and good fun.

French Advanced Student
She makes the class both interesting and relevant/useful-good choice of topics . I really like it that she speaks French at all times and doesn’t slip into English when explaining something. She obviously puts a lot of effort into preparation for the class each week

Want to create with confidence?

We offer a wide variety of craft classes from Art Textiles to Woodwork to Glass Mosaics

“I would recommend this course to anyone as you learn lots of new techniques and get to practise them all”

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