My daughter enjoyed Mandarin classes very much this term, she loves the way the language sounds and how different it is than all the languages she knows. She really liked having you as a teacher and had fun learning with you.

We successfully introduced the Mandarin for beginners Class at Beaumont School during the Autumn Term and are keen to offer Mandarin classes to students from other schools interested in learning the Mandarin language and about Chinese culture with an experienced teacher and Mandarin specialist. Lessons will be designed around fun and interactive activities, encouraging development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills

Topics will include:

  • How to greet each other in Chinese
  • How to pronounce tones in Chinese
  • Numbers
  • Colours
  • How to talk about yourself and your family
  • How to write the date
  • How to talk about the weather
  • How to tell the time

We will also begin to guide students towards an understanding of themes covered in the GCSE syllabus. For example:

  • How to talk about hobbies and interests
  • Daily routine
  • How to describe your town
  • Holidays
  • Plans for the future

We will use a variety of materials both at native level and adapted for learners of Mandarin. Students will be taught how to develop their language knowledge independently using language-study techniques and selected online resources.

Cost £70 for ten lessons
Date Thursday 24 January to 4 April 2019. No class at half term w.c 18 Feb
Time 4.15 - 5pm
School Beaumont School

NB Classes will not run if too few people enrol. Fees are not refundable for people dropping out of a course or missing classes. Fees will be refunded only if a course does not run.

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