Taught mostly in Spanish, by an experienced native speaker, this course is perfect if you have some knowledge of Spanish and would like to continue learning.

“The course will enable you to communicate with more variation and fluency, so you feel confident in most everyday situations with Spanish speakers. It aims to broaden understanding of the Spanish culture and way of life. Challenging but rewarding, the Spanish Continuers course is perfectly suited to those looking to improve their skills and knowledge.

You can order a bocadillo with flair; you can ask directions to the Park Güell; you are comfortable asking how much football tickets cost for the best seats in the stadium at Santiago Bernabéu; and can talk about el sol y la luna with your Spanish colleagues. But now you want to have an in depth conversation with locals you meet on holiday and understand what the waiter explains to you. You want to understand Spanish films and broaden your conversation when face to face with Spanish speakers. 

Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills will be built upon and advanced main points in Spanish grammar are covered. ”  Rosana  Encina – Course Teacher


Course books you will need:

BBC Talk 2 Spanish Course book and grammar book. 


“the lessons are really fun and we learn a lot.”

Cost £100 for ten weeks. Discounted to £90 for parents at Beaumont, Sandringham and Verulam Schools
Date Wed 26 Sept to 5 December; no class at half term w.c 29 Oct
Time 7 - 9pm
School Verulam School

NB Classes will not run if too few people enrol. Fees are not refundable for people dropping out of a course or missing classes. Fees will be refunded only if a course does not run.

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