The Abstract Mixed Media Landscape Painting course is for beginners or for those who are stuck and need a new approach. This six week course will give you a gentle introduction to experimental drawing, using a sketchbook, developing a simple abstract landscape series using different materials and of course, have fun making art. I will support you with lots of demonstrations and new ideas.

Some of what we will cover over six sessions includes: 

  • Exploring experimental drawing techniques using different materials on paper.
  • Five line drawings and keeping  a sketchbook as reference. Mark making and creating backgrounds with different materials
  •  How to use acrylic paints. Experimental colour mixing to created painted sheets plus collage
  • Working on canvas boards or cardboard with paint, palete knives and collage
  • Looking at textures in landscape


Set of landscape photos of your choice, best to stick with one landscape, but have different views of it

Large A3 smooth drawing paper, that can divide up or stick together to make bigger sheets.

2B-6B pencils or Graphite pencil/ Rubber/ Black India Ink or any writing ink/ Charcoal, willow or compressed

Spray bottle with water/ Pritt Stick or PVA glue

Sticks from the garden to use with the ink/ Oil Pastel Set / Soft Pastel Set

Masking tape (low tack)/ Gesso primer or white acrylic paint

Set of Acrylic paints ( Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Prussian Blue, White, Black, Paynes Grey, Yellow Ochre, Cerulean Blue

Collage papers, newspaper, magazines, wallpaper samples, tissue papers, old photographs etc

Scissors/ Water pot/ newspapers/ palette knife, wallpaper scrapers

Canvas Boards A4 Size or cardboard (which need to be primed, but I will show you how)

Rags or paper towel/ Mixing palette or old plate/ Hairspray or Fixative

3 x brushes small, medium and large (can be house hold ones) or old decorating brushes

Sponge/ Small sketchbook for quick drawings and collages

Cost £96 for six sets of two hour sessions
Date w.c Monday 10 May until w.c 21 June, no class at half term w.c 31 May.
Time 2 - 4pm
School Sandringham School

NB Classes will not run if too few people enrol. Fees are not refundable for people dropping out of a course or missing classes. Fees will be refunded only if a course does not run.

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