This course is taught by an experienced Spanish teacher.  The class has finished the GCSE syllabus and will be consolidating and extending their knowledge of Spanish by:

  • recapping on grammar
  • learning new grammatical elements
  • reading and discussing articles in Spanish
  • introducing new topics for conversation practice
  • undertaking a variety of practice exercises
  • beginning work on some aspects of the A Level Syllabus

“I always enjoy Shelley’s classes which are lively, interesting and constructive.” LA

I very much enjoyed Shelly’s teaching this year,  she  makes her lesson fun, interactive and  memorable” RH

Cost £100 for ten weeks. Discounted to £90 for parents at Beaumont, Sandringham and Verulam Schools
Date 15 Jan to 25 March 2020; no class at half term w.c 17 Feb
Time 7 - 9pm
School Beaumont School

NB Classes will not run if too few people enrol. Fees are not refundable for people dropping out of a course or missing classes. Fees will be refunded only if a course does not run.

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